BIALCON is a polish clothing company established in 1992 by Barbara Chwesiuk who is a current CEO and the head of Design Department. The company is currently one of the leading apparel producers in Poland with the chain of over 60 stores throughout the country. The headquarters and the main production department are located in Biała Podlaska (160 km from Warsaw, close to the east polish border).

BIALCON collections answer the needs of women who appreciate classic elegance and original designs at the same time. Brand proposition is addressed to active women who value the quality of their clothes and the comfort of wearing.

All our activities are focused on the clients’ satisfaction. Because the quality of clothes is a priority for us, we decided to manufacture in Poland. The company employs nearly 250 people with passion and extraordinary commitment who care for every stage of the creation – from a design to the final product. This makes us confident that our clothes are perfectly made and meet expectations of even the most demanding women.

Every season is a new challenge for us because we create a collection consisting of over 500 models. Therefore our contractors have a wide range of products and can choose those which comply with the requirements and individual tastes of their customers.

In 2010 the company decided to extend its offer and launched a new brand called RABARBAR. The collection is characterized by more courageous design combining Polish folk tradition and handcrafts items. It is aimed at those for whom fashion is a challenge and a way of experimenting with different styles and conventions.