Unique design, attention to detail and selection of top quality materials. Bialcon offers its customers clothes for office, business meetings, as well as more casual. Thanks to the diversity of models every woman find a way to create her own individual style.







A collection of nightgowns inspired by fashion from past decades. The line is addressed to those seeking their roots. Harmony with nature, using natural materials, mainly cotton and silk, as well as a celebration of femininity revealed in a retro style - simple cuts with muted color palette. All carefully finished with French and Italian lace top quality and decorative ribbons. The triumph of elegance, simplicity and femininity at the same time.






Characteristic designs inspired by polish folk, art and craftsmanship create colorful collections for self-confident women who like to mix conventions and styles. Production process uses traditional techniques, some of the products are handmade. Brand is committed to ecology and fair trade rules.